The very essence of AbouzovKrapivin is a union of talented lawyers and forensic experts who have obtained first-class education and have been through rigorous training at our Company and who are capable of handling most difficult tasks to protect interests of our clients

Three core aspects of career in AbouzovKrapivin
  1. You will make this world better every day. Your work will increase justice in social relations.
  2. Indeed, you will solve very challenging issues. Often, you will hear from your clients "Wow! I didnít know this was possible!". Many people really donít know that what we do is possible at all.
  3. Your work will be your professional adventure. No surprise, our firm has been created by people who perceive its practice as their vocation. Those who find vocation never work, but practice their vocation.
If you are interested in work at AbouzovKrapivin, please, send your CV to