Professional development

To handle corporate and commercial fraud issues efficiently, professional needs to confidently wield special technical skills, have developed analytical capabilities and vast knowledge in most different areas of law, criminology and forensics. The very essence of AbouzovKrapivin is a union of talented lawyers and forensic experts who have obtained first-class education and have been through rigorous training at our Company and who are capable of handling most difficult tasks to protect interests of our clients.

Key component of professional development of our colleagues is work in teams on real client issues, where more senior and experienced colleagues will help you develop necessary skills and knowledge. We have refused from functional specialization and developed a system under which every new assignment should increase professional’s capability to handle the whole matter. As a result our specialists make themselves familiar with all aspects of our practice and quickly develop needed technical skills.

Our training is based not on technical knowledge of material law or procedure or forensic applications, but rather on a detailed understanding of principles and approaches needed to solve the case, no matter in which area. In other words, we don’t have specialists who specialize only on fictitious insolvency cases, but we have professionals who equally well handle internal investigation, employment-related disputes, disclosure of information in other jurisdictions, recovery of embezzled assets, etc.

This approach creates unique environment for broad and very intensive professional training, which we support with internal and external trainings, regular practice group meetings for after-action reviews, mentoring and coaching.

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