What you will do?

Work at AbouzovKrapivin is best characterized by three features:

1. You will make this world better every day. Your work will increase justice in social relations.

2. Indeed, you will solve very challenging issues. Often, you will hear from your clients "Wow! I didn’t know this was possible!". Many people really don’t know that what we do is possible at all.

3. Your work will be your professional adventure.

In addition to legal analysis, preparation of legal opinions and development of case strategies, our employees may:

  • Study production cycle of the largest steel mill in Eastern Europe to understand how ferroalloys may have been embezzled;
  • Drive around farm-holds in Western Ukraine investigating theft of grain genetic material by an organized group active in Italy, Hungary and China;
  • See a connection between an international criminal and chairman of the board of an Eastern European financial institution without leaving the office;
  • Leave the office to catch a plane to Hungary to prove this connection;
  • Resolve moral and legal dilemma of conflict between Articles 23 and 35 of Chapter 2 of the Russian Constitution. In practice;
  • Communicate with state of New York authorities while collecting information about client’s partner who disappeared with money;
  • Coordinate asset tracing in five countries;
  • Rack brains on how the minority shareholder manage to syphon valuable assets from the joint venture;
  • Build logical sequence of actions of a person, whom they have never seen, on the basis of information deleted from the hard-drive half a year ago;
  • Search for a deleted 10KB file on 1 TB hard-drive;
  • Investigate theft of confidential information, which may have changed the course of history in the region.

Work at AbouzovKrapivin is a constant intellectual search – from sophisticated thinking to understand how fraud had been committed to creative use of available legal remedies to recover assets around the world. Tomorrow, client’s situation may require absolutely new knowledge, and our capability to rapidly acquire it will define success.

Lawyers working next to forensic people don’t notice how they begin understanding accounting intricacies and debate best approach for invisible internet searches.

Join us! This will be interesting.

If you are interested in work at AbouzovKrapivin, please, send your CV to talent@abouzovkrapivin.com