Who we are looking for

Every day our Company successfully manages very difficult matters of our clients defrauded by their employees and business partners. Our work requires not only unique synergy of knowledge in the field of law, accounting, economics, finances and technologies, but also result-driven mentality, creative thinking, developed social communication skills and capability to work in a team.

We understand that our success is defined by the quality of our people. They come to us from very different places – from leading western accounting and forensic firms to California law boutiques, from leading law, financial and technical universities of Russia and famous US law schools.

Despite all this diversity of careers and professional tracks of our colleagues, they are all united by certain qualities:

  • Sharp analytical skills;
  • Professional drive and dynamics;
  • Unwavering wish for perfection;
  • Imagination and innovativeness;
  • Developed communication skills and capability to establish contact quickly;
  • Team playing skills.

Without these qualities it will be very hard to excel as a fraud analyst. If you want to manage big departments, this work is not for you. If you want to become a respected professional, who is confident in his intellectual capability to solve any client’s challenge under tight deadline without losing British composure, we may have something to discuss.

We constantly look for these qualities in people who come to our interviews. Those, who join us, start perfecting their analytical capabilities, develop necessary technical skills and expand their knowledge in needed areas of forensics and law. Thus, we sharpen their talents and always test them in challenging situations of our clients.

If you want to become such an expert and begin your intellectual journey with us, we shall be happy to meet you and listen to your story. Please, see current openings or simply send us your CV and cover letter to talent@abouzovkrapivin.com.

If you are interested in work at AbouzovKrapivin, please, send your CV to talent@abouzovkrapivin.com