How we handle cases

Our experience indicates that successful conflict resolution is contingent on two key components: efficient teamwork and communication. From day one a client is a member of AbouzovKrapivin team, and we are on the client’s team.

Our objective is to ensure our client’s absolute information dominance in every situation. Information infrastructure, which we have created, allows us to succeed in this endeavor. Under significant time pressures we collect information from different sources and turn it into actionable intelligence.

We do not pretend to know everything. Hence, we work on those components of the case, where our contribution would be most valuable, while, where needed, involving client’s personnel and subject-matter experts from our extensive professional networks.

Here, in AbouzovKrapivin we established close professional relationships with different experts around the world enhancing our capability to serve clients in cross-border matters.

All the above creates undisputed advantages for our clients in any conflict.