Why AbouzovKrapivin

We offer you only what we know best: investigations, anti-fraud and conflict resolution. Our clients are also full-service law firms who need assistance of our highly specialized knowledge and skill-set.


We measure success not by the number of hours spent at task and the number of written reports, but rather by practical outcomes achieved on behalf of our clients: well-resolved and prevented conflicts and recovered assets.

When working with us our clients may always adopt a well-informed decision. We do not leave any stone unturned.

We thrive on conflicts. You should address other experts with all other matters.

Highly knowledgeable

We do not board students or inexperienced graduates. You may be confident that your matter is handled by a mature, highly experienced team of professionals. And, of course, Arthur Abouzov and Mikhail Krapivin address every client matter taken by AbouzovKrapivin.

Innovatively remunerated

We like professional challenges. Our clients feel that our interests coincide. We understand that you do not care how much time we spend copying case materials or litigating. Few clients will voluntarily pay for several lawyers to work together (especially if they are senior lawyers or partners) when their costs are linked to the billable hour method. If necessary to brainstorm on a complex issue we may involve the whole team without any additional costs for you. This is why we often work on fixed budgets, and our remuneration depends on our efficiency. It is only logical that we want to win – we share your risks.

Hence, we avoid unnecessary costs and concentrate only on those, which drive positive outcomes.

Hourly rates

AbouzovKrapivin approach

What are the fees made up of?

Brand name + big staff + advertisement + luxurious office, etc.

Our brains and expertise

What motivates the team?

The more hours I bill, the higher bonus I get

I get paid if I win the case/recover assets/settle the dispute

When you get the invoice?

Every month

Payments are tied to milestones in a project

For more details please refer to ourfee policy. We really expect you to do so.