Internal investigations

We are often retained by companies, board of directors, special committees and business owners who need a professional firm to independently establish facts of employee misconduct and non-compliance (anticorruption, antitrust, labor regulations, etc.)

We collect needed evidence for further use during termination of employment, recovery of damages and application to law enforcement authorities.

Our lawyers and analysts have an in-depth knowledge of corporate and labor law, procedure, evidence and proof and account for possible future legal actions already during the process of fraud investigation planning and structuring. This allows our clients avoid unpleasant situations when investigation has been conducted, but its results may not be used to terminate the employee or recover damages. Or, even worse, when a fraudulent employee sues its employer. Unfortunately, such cases are aplenty, when investigation is conducted with involvement of special knowledge professionals.

Also, our lawyers are experts in criminology of fraud and understand how fraud schemes work. They work closely with our forensic accounting and computer forensics lab. The latter allows recovery and analysis of digital evidence from the suspect employee’s computer.

Finally, our experts constantly train and acquire new technical competences, be it use of technology in investigation or special interviewing skills.

Over the years of practice we have acquired vast experience of investigations of different frauds in different industries and understand how fraud may be perpetrated in different economies and business models.

We advise our clients on all legal matters associated with employee frauds, including labor and employment regulations, disciplinary liability and liability for damages. We help our clients design employee termination and damage recovery strategies and represent them in dispute resolution and litigation.

Our services in this area

  • Internal investigations
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • Compliance investigations (US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act)
  • Cyber-investigations
  • Investigations of confidential information theft
  • Termination of employment relationship and recovery of damages