Legal second opinion

In case of a serious decease when one gets his prescription, he would typically seek second medical opinion to ensure that healing process is on the right track. This is a common practice in professional services field.

The same applies to a conflict, where a large sum of money is at stake. You need an independent lawyer to have a fresh unbiased look at your case and to opine on possible approaches to dispute resolution and its prospects. Then, your ultimate decision will be most informed. We respect professionalism of other lawyers, hence, we never review their opinion. Rather we make our own.

We know what you value most in a second legal opinion. Expertize. Efficiency. Reasonable costs.

Is my litigation strategy the right one? Is there anything else we can do to settle a dispute or recover assets? Are there any risks we are not aware of? We will answer all these and other questions, which you may have, and we will do this for a fee that will undoubtedly be smaller than dire consequences if a vital detail is lost without a fresh unbiased look into the case.

We do not believe in a billable hour concept. If necessary to answer your questions, we are free to involve any specialist irrespective of their seniority (experts, senior lawyers or partners) with no effect to the agreed fixed fee.